Work Smart.
Not Hard.

Technical solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Application Development, Task Automation, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, and Technical Support.

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Web Hosting & Systems Administration

Powerful Cloud Compute Instances with 100% SSD storage, dedicated Bare Metal servers with zero virtualization layer, and SSD-backed scalable Block Storage with up to 10TB volumes.

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E-Commerce Application Development

App Development for E-Commerce.

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Application Development & Task Automation

Web application scripting, secure code development, and task automation.

Built for teams of all kinds.

No matter what you're working on, who you're with, or how many of you there are, we can help.


Work Smart

We fit appointments around your schedule. We can arrange meetings in person, via teleconference, or e-mail.

Build Your Online Presence

We can help with Search Engine Result Positions, Google Ads, Social Media, and Blog / Newsletter marketing.


Skip the Jargon.

Many business teams are not technically-minded. Perhaps your technology needs don't warrant hiring a professional in-team. We can help translate technical jargon into plain English as we work on your project, so that you know exactly what to expect at every step of the journey, along with realistic time frames for progression.


Monthly customer retention. Folks love Othala Digital and come back.


Guaranteed uptime for all of our hosting services.

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